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So I guess I have a sign over my head that says "Take My Shit."
And as a postscript I guess it says "but only if you're a stupid little material bitch and don't really need the money."
Anyway, I had my wallet stolen, probably from a girl and probably a student at depaul, since it was taken while I was working. I'm assuming that she didn't really need my money either considering she tried to buy a $700 pair of shoes, among many other hundred dollar purchases. I have to laugh though, because most of the cards she tried make purchases on had about $10 credit on them.


P.S. - I'm just going to make friends with the workers at the State revenue/ID place, so maybe they can just print me a new ID every few months - b/c for some reason my identity goes like hotcakes.

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A) Rawson, Alison, Anna, Arnie, Neil and I all had a recent discussion about the phrase "goes like hotcakes".

B) Of course someone wants to be you!! Call me!!

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