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what the hell am i going to do?

if i move there, i will live in a box
if i move THERE, i won't be satisfied
if i stay here, i will be depressed
if i move there, i will work at wal-mart
if i move there, i will be completely alone.

I was always prepaired to leave high school life behind, but I neglected to think about post college life. every choice i make revolves around money, i'm too poor to do what i want. and if things weren't hard enough, this life doesn't think i deserve a whole family. so i guess in a nutshell my life means poverty & death. things could get worse, i hope they don't, but taking 5 classes i'm not particularly interested in, paying $8,000 for them, and working two jobs is not the life i want to be living right now. nor do i want to think about uprooting myself for the second time and starting all over, while constatntly worring about who is going to be taken from me next. On the little medical problem has seemed to 'healed itself.' I'm not asking any questions.

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yeah i started to say something about hawaii in the entry cause i knew you'd say it. even though we'd be skinny bike riders with tans...we can always write poetry on driftwood in London too.... eh???

And don't act like we can't sleep with drifting pirates freakin ANYWHERE!

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